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If a computer infrastructure problem exists, Optimum Technologies will try to identify the problem and resolve it. If the problem cannot be handled by Optimum Technologies, our staff will contact the appropriate manufacturers to receive support or contact other support Vendors who can troubleshoot the problem. Optimum Technologies will coordinate the repair schedule with any third party Vendor, so you don’t have to worry.

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We resolve computer infrastructure problems.


When you walk in to the office on any given day, the last thing you want to see is that you or your employees are having computer problems. This slows down work productivity and makes for a very stressful day.

Here are several problems we hear about:

  • Computers are running slow
  • A virus or spyware has infiltrated the computer
  • The monitor isn’t working
  • Files have disappeared
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • A variety of email-related problems
  • And more!

Whatever issue is preventing you from working efficiently and doing your job, can be remedied for you by Optimum Technologies. We also update your system with the latest security patches or other software updates to fight off potential viruses.


To keep your server running smoothly and without interruption, we will perform pro-active maintenance on them. We will check system logs for errors, evaluate space capabilities on your hard drives, review backups and make sure you have current Anti-Virus protection. Optimum can provide continuous monitoring of your systems to provide us with instant notification if trouble exists.


Optimum Technologies will perform routine network maintenance and troubleshooting when needed. The Optimum Technologies staff will ensure the network is running at optimal performance and will monitor network traffic.

Network support involves making sure all network equipment is properly functioning, including:

We provide pro-active maintenance of all systems and repair of all computers, servers, and other network setups. We also ensure proper Internet connectivity with the provider.


In the office there is always a chance that technology will fail despite how well it is maintained. What happens in these circumstances and how do you go about fixing the problem? That is where troubleshooting comes in. And this means investigating the issue, looking for the root cause, and spending time either researching the issue or speaking directly with a Vendor or manufacturer.

But you don’t have time for all of that – troubleshooting can be a time-consuming nightmare. Why not give the responsibility to Optimum Technologies? Let us find the problem and provide a solution to any technical problems. We dedicate our time so that you don’t have to.

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Our service covers the tri-state area:

  • New York

  • New Jersey

  • Connecticut