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If there’s one thing to remember when working on computers it’s that backing up your work is crucial. But when you’re busy with day-to-day job responsibilities the last thing you probably think of is backing up your company’s data. This is something that often goes overlooked – yet it’s vital to the successful operation of your business. Without an off-site and local backup strategy, all of that hard work on your computer network falls prey to both natural and other disasters.

Security, Monitoring, Supervised and Protected

We resolve computer infrastructure problems.

We resolve computer infrastructure problems.

Worst-case scenario

You find yourself facing a huge calamity where you’ve lost all of your data. Optimum Technologies will assist you in data recovery. In addition, our firm has an extensive remote backup operation that will be maintained and tested.

Off-site Support

Optimum Technologies will provide off-site support as needed using the latest VPN (Virtual Private Network) and remote access technologies. We will always try to correct any network issue remotely first and will respond on site when necessary.

In good hands

Your company’s information is in good hands with Optimum Technologies. With us, you will enjoy rapid response times and our superior customer service. We are armed with solutions – so you don’t have to be.

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Take advantage of our free evaluation. If you don’t want to wait until a disaster happens and data is lost, contact us today. We will immediately evaluate your backup plan and implement a strategy to prevent future data loss.

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