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Securing your network involves monitoring of a computer network to ensure there is absolutely no unauthorized access or misuse and no alteration or abuse of the system. In essence, the computer operations are supervised and protected.

Security, Monitoring, Supervised and Protected

We resolve computer infrastructure problems.

We resolve computer infrastructure problems.


When you’re running a business network, you want to keep that network safe. A firewall protects your critical data. It performs the job of monitoring the network traffic. How does it do this? It creates a barrier between a trusted source (your internal network) and another network (such as the Internet) that you may not trust. The firewall reviews the data and determines if it can pass through. This decision depends on rules that are set internally.

VPN (Virtua Private Networks)

If you hire Optimum Technologies to maintain your VPN, we will make sure your business is safe. Data will be encrypted and if anyone tries to interrupt, it will be a failed attempt.

What is a VPN? It is a private network that requires a public network (this is generally the Internet) in order to link remote users or sites. This is done by connecting routes virtually via the Internet from the company’s private network to either a remote employee or site.

Wireless Options

Chances are you have used Wi-Fi more than once. Although it is convenient, there are associated risks. If a wireless network exists, Optimum Technologies will maintain it and deploy any new computers on the wireless network. If there is not a wireless network in place, options will be offered as required.

You do not want a third party to pick up your personal- or business-related messages, or have the opportunity to view your important documents. Bottom line: It is essential that data transmitted via a wireless connection needs to be protected. We will make sure that it is.

Virus/Malware Protection

Viruses and Malware are things you do not want on your office computer or network. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software will be maintained and updated by Optimum Technologies. If a virus is able to bypass the software/firewall in place, Optimum Technologies will perform the necessary tasks for removing the virus. New virus prevention techniques will be recommended when appropriate.

Mobile Security

In business’s today, having an iOS (Mobile Apple Devices), Android, or other smart phone is essential to productivity. These mobile devices contain business contacts and other private information that is transmitted repeatedly. The data going out from or coming in to your mobile device is vulnerable.

Mobile Security protects against threats to your mobile device, as well as data from being taken. This involves lowering risks associated with devices being stolen or lost. Important personal and/or company data and network downtime issues are lowered.

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